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Hugs and Kisses®, love is a rose

Persica Roses Hugs and Kisses®

A Hugs and Kisses® rose plant enchants you with its abundance of petals, tantalises you with its striking flower heart and captivates you with its exquisite fragrance.

A fantastic concept that stimulates all the senses. Relish the exquisite fragrance, the abundance of petals and the striking contrast in the coloured flower heart.

A colourful assortment

The Persica Roses Hugs and Kisses® series comprises seven different types, each of them exquisitely fragrant. Every colour has its own uniquely coloured flower heart.

Exquisitely fragrant

One thing that makes Persica Roses Hugs and Kisses® so different from all other garden roses is the fragrance. The wonderfully sweet fragrance is a feast for the senses. But, needless to say, the Hugs and Kisses® series offers many more benefits too.

  • Delightful fragrance 100% 100%
  • Abundantly flowering, all summer long 100% 100%
  • Extraordinary coloured flower heart 100% 100%
  • Very strong, healthy roses (disease-free) 100% 100%
  • Winter hardy 100% 100%

Hugs and Kisses®,

love is a rose


The Persica Roses Hugs and Kisses® brochure is available in four languages. Click on the buttons below to download the brochure of your choice. If you prefer to receive a printed version, simply send us an email and you will receive the brochure by post.


Care tips


The Hugs and Kisses® roses thrive best in a sunny and airy spot in your garden or on your patio. Plant the roses in fresh soil. Ensure that the soil contains enough nutrients and fertilise regularly.


Each rose plant must be pruned rigorously every year in order to flower well. New flowers are produced on the new shoots, and the Hugs and Kisses® roses are no different. The best time for pruning is the end of March, when the temperature no longer drops below freezing.


Besides sufficient water, it is very important to provide enough nutrients. Roses require a lot of nutrients and are quick to suffer from deficiencies. It is especially recommended to give the roses extra fertiliser after pruning. You can buy the right plant food from your local garden centre.



It is best to trim off dead flowers and remove any leaves that have fallen onto the ground. In the case of frost, protect the grafting point of the Hugs and Kisses® rose plant with straw and the crown with a bag.


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